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PhiBrows Microblading

Do you want natural eyebrows that give your face a perfect radiance? So you are at the completely right place. I offer you the opportunity to achieve exactly this effect with PhiBrows Microblading.

Nahaufnahme einer Augenbraue
Phibrows Microblading

What is PhiBrows Microblading?

Microblading is a manual technique in the eyebrow area that uses the hair technique. This means that individual hairs are drawn manually in such a way that the result is very realistic and natural. PhiBrows calculates the perfect eyebrow shape based on the golden ratio (1.618 Phi) and facial morphology. The symmetry or appropriate shape of the eyebrows is determined with the help of the PhiApp.

Natural eyebrows

What is PhiBrows Microblading for?

Due to too frequent plucking of the eyebrows or simply because of advancing age, your own eyebrows grow only sparsely or in places not at all. PhiBrows Microblading is a pigmentation of the top layer of skin, in which a blade (fine needle) is used to work in hairs in the direction of growth of your own eyebrows. This makes it possible for me to fulfill your wish for perfect and at the same time natural eyebrows.

Augenbrauen Vergleich vor und nach einer PhiBrows Behandlung


The durability depends on several factors. Aftercare, skin texture and environmental influences. Unfortunately, a precise statement is not possible here. With oily skin, PhiBrows Microblading fades much faster than with dry skin

Color intensity can be affected by smoking, bad skin or pre-pigmented eyebrows. The correct shade is determined based on several factors.
Frau bekommt eine PhiBrows Behandlung

Request PhiBrows microblading treatment

In an initial consultation, I will go through all the important details about the treatment with you and explain in detail what options the PhiBrows Microblading treatment offers you. I respond individually to your needs and advise you with an honest and professional opinion. Simply contact me and arrange an appointment for treatment.

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