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PowderBrows Training

What is the PowderBrows training?

In the PowderBrows training you will learn the special technique of eyebrow shading. This is a semi-permanent make-up technique used to define and shape the eyebrows. This technique is performed with a permanent makeup machine and pigments to create a soft and diffused powder/pixel effect. You will also learn how best to work with colors to achieve extravagant shading effects with a WOW effect. Our PowderBrows Basic Training is specially designed for beginners and can be booked as a live workshop in one of our training locations or as an online training. In addition, we also offer a PowderBrows perfection training, in which the ombré effect is also discussed in more detail, which can also be booked live or online.
The live workshop includes a two-day basic seminar, which consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The online training, on the other hand, is completed entirely via the CraftMaster app. Of course, both courses contain the same topics and start with the sending of the starter kit and the activation in the CraftMaster app. We use this app to stay in touch, assess your uploaded work and support you for 6 months on the way to your PowderBrows artist career. After successfully completing your PowderBrows training, you will receive the official PowderBrows certificate, a personalized logo and become a part of the PhiAcademy by entering the Phi-WorldMap will be registered.



benefits of your education

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Benefit 1

Professional training

Learn the PowderBrows basics in our professional training, which is based on your personal development during the course.
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Benefit 2

Intensive training

You can complete the PowderBrows training in just a short time. Set your own pace and perfect your manual skills through regular training.
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Benefit 3

Detailed support

We guarantee you well-founded training with high quality standards and will support you for 6 months during your training via our CraftMaster app.
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Benefit 4


After successfully completing the PowderBrows training, you will receive the PowderBrows Artist certificate, which is official proof of the skills you have mastered.

How long does the PowderBrows training last?

The length of the PowderBrows training depends on your personal progress and depends on your individual pace. If you train regularly and also have some experience in the field of microblading, you can hold your final certificate in your hands after a short time.
Regardless of whether you are interested in the live on-site training or the online training, you start your training via the CraftMaster App. In the case of the live training, you will acquire a certain routine for drawing hair in advance through daily training and prepare yourself perfectly for the two-day workshop.

Day 1 of the live workshop (theory)

Day 2 of the live workshop (practice)

Das PowderBrows Perfektionstraining beinhaltet zusätzlich noch das Erlenrnen der PowderBrows Ombré Technik.

Learning via the CraftMaster App

After you have registered for the PowderBrows training, you will be given access to the CraftMaster app. You will be supervised by us for 6 months via this online learning platform and upload your work there. The training concept consists of 26 exercises that are used for training and will gradually introduce you to the PowderBrows technique.
We support you every step of the way and adapt to your learning pace. In addition, there is sufficient video material and pictures for each exercise, so that you can learn everything in peace. The perfection training also includes exercises for the PowderBrows Ombré technique.

Our PowderBrows training in action

Get a little insight into our PowderBrows training and convince yourself of becoming a PowderBrows Artist. Register today and become part of the PhiAcademy.
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I had the pleasure of attending Gülay's microblading training course and it was a great experience! Gülay is truly a master of her craft and her attention to detail and professionalism is second to none.

Ebru Bingöl

Did a powderbrows training and microblading training with dear Gülay. She does her training very professionally and with a lot of love - you immediately feel comfortable. Can only recommend her to everyone. ❤️😍🤗

Iris Hairis

Gülay does her job excellently. She knows how to convey teaching content to students. In practice, clean, precise work is very important. I was very satisfied and would attend a training course with her again at any time.

Katharina Michel

Great 👍 training Thanks to the lovely Gülay, I was very happy ✌🏻 I can only recommend it 😊


I am so glad that I did my Powder Brows training with dear Gülay She is such a positive person full of energy the training was a lot of fun and very instructive I have the training behind me with a good conscience.

D Gzk

I am currently doing the microblading online training at Gülay. She explains in great detail, is open to all questions and I feel that I am in very good hands with her. I can recommend her with a clear conscience 🙏

Kadriye Cama

Gülay has it so good! Both the training and their microblading results are awesome!!! I can only recommend. She is just a perfectionist and has such a clean heart. Thank you dear Gülay.

Melisa Selbes

👍 Beautiful studio, you feel immediately comfortable and welcome. I met Gülay a few months ago, a really great woman, whether it's training or treatment, more perfection is not possible 😘

Viktoria Samochin

Highly professional and super loyal, you are in the best hands with her and you will be satisfied in every respect ❤ As a master, you will only get ahead with her 👌 recommend you with all my heart and wish you all the best 🍀

Aylin Haparta

I am currently learning microblading from Gülay and I am thrilled 😍👍 She is very competent and explains everything down to the smallest detail. She doesn't bother to film extra instructional videos and even hosts video conferences. ❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU Gülay

Buket Yilmaz

I am super satisfied with Gülay's work and feel really good with her. She discusses everything with you in advance and explains everything very well. Really highly recommended!

Nikki Mešanović

Works by the PhiBrows master Gülay Feldeisen

You too can learn this as part of my PowderBrows training. It is very important to me that my students become very good, because ultimately a trainer is only as good as his students.
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PowderBrows on-site and digital training

Gülay Feldeisen

On-site live training

The live training begins for you with the activation in the CraftMaster app, so that you can start training immediately and get a certain routine for drawing hair. This gives you a good basis for the two-day workshop and you can perfect what you have already learned.
During the workshop you will learn basic theory and practice and can perfect your microblading skills. In addition, you will receive 6-month online support via the CraftMaster App, through which we will assess your work and support you with the exercises.
Gülay Feldeisen

Online training

As soon as you have signed up for the PowderBrows online training, you will be activated for the CraftMaster app and you can start your training immediately. We use this online learning platform to keep in touch, evaluate your uploaded work and support you for 6 months on the way to your PowderBrows Artist career.
In contrast to the live training, the online course takes place exclusively via the CraftMaster App. The theoretical and practical content is identical, but can be conveyed better during a live training, since your master can look over your shoulder at work and correct you directly. This also gives you more security when working with the model. However, you can optionally book the two-day live workshop at any time.
Gülay Feldeisen Portrait

Your certified PowderBrows master Gülay Feldeisen

Gülay Feldeisen Portrait
Hi, my name is Gülay Feldeisen. I am the owner of “Beauty4You” in Hamm. I have been happily married for 20 years and am the proud mother of three wonderful children. Oh yes, I am also a dog mother and our Bernedoodle is called Kaan. I love my work. My work reflects my passion my job. I am a perfectionist and work at the highest level. In all areas!
I’ve been Phibrows Master for Germany since February 2020 and I’m allowed to train new successful artists! As Phibrows Master of the globally successful Phiacademy, it is a great honor for me to pass on all my knowledge to our students, to support and accompany them. The training concept convinced and inspired me right from the start! 16 years of experience as a trainer in the field of “project and quality management” underline the quality of my training! Since the demand for Powderbrows training has increased, it was a matter of course for me to offer this as well. A technique that is easy to learn and offers many advantages.



In just 4 steps to success



Decide on a PowderBrows training course and register using the contact form. You will then receive an e-mail from us confirming your participant contract, which you can use to register for the training.


After successful registration, we will confirm your training and send you the activation code for the CraftMaster app. You will receive your starter kit for the training in the mail at the same time.

Preliminary talk

In the preliminary talk we will discuss everything important about the course of the training course you have chosen, help you set up the CraftMaster app and clarify any last-minute questions before you start.

training start

Then you can get started and start your training. Have fun and success with your PowderBrows training! We look forward to you!

Contents of the PowderBrows training


In this part you will get a basic introduction to the theory of microblading. You will learn about the different tools and materials, how to measure perfect symmetry, how to draw hair lines realistically, how to mix and apply color properly, hygiene and safety standards, and the aftercare and care of treated eyebrows.


The practical part focuses on the correct application of the technology. You will learn the optimal working position and hand position of the microblading tools (blades), as well as controlling the pressure and the correct movement. Initially, the PowderBrows technique is practiced on paper and a balloon, in order to then apply what has been learned on models.

Craft Master app

We support you online for 6 months via the CraftMaster app and assess your uploaded work. We are by your side with the exercises and accompany you step by step on the way of your PowderBrows Artist career. The app also gives you access to a diverse selection of tutorial videos and pictures.

Starter kit options

Right at the start of your training, you will receive the starter kit you have selected from us by post. You have the choice between three different starter kits, all of which contain high-quality tools and materials with which you can start your training immediately. The contents are sufficient for a large number of treatments, even after the practice and examination phase has been successfully completed.


After you have passed all the exam levels in the CraftMaster app and thus successfully completed the PowderBrows training, you will receive the official PowderBrows Artist certificate. You will also receive a personalized logo and become part of the PhiAcademy by being registered in the Phi-WorldMap.

Continuing education

Take advantage of our training opportunities and expand your microblading skills. In addition to our PowderBrows training, we also offer a professional PhiBrows training. With this microblading technique, very realistic and natural-looking eyebrows are pigmented.

Your PowderBrows training offers

Choose between a PowderBrows basic or perfection training, which you can complete live on site (two-day live workshop) or exclusively online. You can choose between three different starter kits for each type of training.
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Basic Training Live
2.350 €
incl. VAT
incl. 6-month online support via the Craft Master App
incl. Basic Starter Kit
incl. 2 days live workshop on site
PowderBrows Starter Kit
Basic Starter Kit
  • PhiContour Pigments
  • PhiBrows Pigments
  • PhiCompass
  • Latex (Blank)
  • und vieles mehr

Pay PowderBrows training in installments

If you cannot afford the full training costs at the moment, we offer you to finance the course fees by paying in installments.
Gülay Feldeisen Portrait

Seminar dates

Here you will find current seminar dates for the two-day live workshop of our PowderBrows basic and perfection training.


PowderBrows is a permanent make-up (PMU) technique that was specially developed for the eyebrows. In this method, fine particles of pigment are injected into the skin to create a powder/pixel effect for fuller eyebrows.
The cost of a PowderBrows training course can vary and depends on the type of course and the starter kit. A PowderBrows basic live training course costs between €2,225 and €3,332. A basic online training course costs between €1,749 and €2,856. The costs for a PowderBrows perfection training live are between €1,547 and €2,666. A PowderBrows perfection training online, on the other hand, costs between €1,309 and €2,248. The course fees can also be financed by paying in installments.
Yes, we also offer online training courses for PowderBrows. Online training gives you access to training materials, videos, hands-on demonstrations and theory lessons about PowderBrows. You can work through the material at your own pace with our support.
To become a PowderBrows Artist, you must complete a training course with an Authorized PowderBrows Instructor, where you will learn the PowderBrows technique and gain hands-on experience. After successfully completing the training and passing the final exam, you will receive the certificate as a PowderBrows Artist.
The main difference between the two lies in the way the pigmentation is applied and the effect they produce. The microblading technique uses fine, sharp blades to carve fine hairs into the skin, creating pigmented strokes that resemble natural eyebrow hairs. The PowderBrows technique uses a pigmentation device with a fine needle to create soft shading on the skin, resembling a powdered effect. It is also possible to combine both techniques to combine the advantages of microblading (natural-looking hair) and powder brows (more defined shape, fuller appearance).
After a PowderBrows training course, you can usually start working straight away. However, it is important to note that you will need adequate post-training time to practice what you have learned and to hone your skills before working on clients. The exact time frame depends on your own learning speed, willingness to practice and understanding of the technique. However, before you start working on clients, you should make sure you have sufficient skills and confidence. It is important that you feel safe in the pigmentation technique and that you follow the necessary hygiene and safety standards. Thorough preparation and practice are crucial to producing quality results and gaining the trust of your clients.
Yes, as a PowderBrowsArtist you have the opportunity to develop and reach higher levels within the PowderBrows technique. You can undertake advanced training to expand your knowledge and skills, and possibly even earn the Master Artist certification to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
The duration of a PowderBrows training course is very individual and depends on your own pace of learning. A PowderBrows training usually extends over several days or weeks to ensure that there is sufficient time for theoretical lessons, practical exercises and individual support. With a live training you have the advantage of a more intensive training, where theoretical and practical exercises can be better conveyed to you in a two-day live workshop. It’s also important to note that the duration of the training isn’t necessarily the only critical component. The quality of the training, the reputation of the trainer and the practical experience you can gain during the training are also important factors when choosing a training course.
In our academy we offer you different types of training that are geared towards different microblading treatments. On the one hand, you can complete a PhiBrows training course with us to learn the hyper-realistic technique of manually drawing and pigmenting eyebrows. We also offer a PowderBrows training course, with which you will learn the eyebrow shading technique to achieve a very natural powder/pixel effect. Soon we will also be offering a PhiContour training course where you can learn different techniques for correcting natural lips.
The PowderBrows technique can be used to create soft shades resembling a powdered effect. The result is eyebrows that look fuller, thicker, yet natural. Instead of drawing individual hairs, the entire eyebrow is evenly pigmented, resulting in a soft and harmonious appearance. The pigmentation in PowderBrows can last longer than traditional eyebrow makeup. Although durability varies from person to person, results can last from several months to a few years. Regular refresher treatments can help maintain eyebrow color and shape over time.
No specific prior knowledge is required for a PowderBrows training course. The training is designed so that both beginners and experienced professionals can participate. However, if you already have some experience in the field of permanent makeup or microblading, it can be an advantage as you may already be familiar with some of the basic concepts and techniques. The PowderBrows training provides a comprehensive introduction to the shading technique and allows you to learn from scratch, whatever your skill level.
A PowderBrows training course is suitable for people who are interested in the art of eyebrow cosmetics and want to develop their skills in this area. Whether you are a novice with no prior knowledge or a seasoned professional, the training provides a comprehensive introduction to the shading technique and allows you to develop as a professional powder brows artist.