PowderBrows Shading

PowderBrows is an eyebrow shading technique that uses a permanent make-up machine and pigments to create very natural powder and pixel effects.

Augenbrauen nach einer PowderBrows Behandlung
Powderbrows shading

What are powder brows?

With the PowderBrows technique, the eyebrows are built up using a special shading technique. While the shading technique is more prominent in the lower part and in the last third of the brow, the drawing is softer and lighter towards the top and front, which creates a 3D effect, which is where the term ombre brows comes from. By playing with the shading, there are no limits to unique color gradients.

Natural eyebrows

PowerBrows with a natural look

On the other hand, if you value absolute naturalness, you can opt for the natural variant of the shading. Here, more intensive shading and color gradients in the shading are simply dispensed with.

Augenbrauen Vergleich vor und nach einer PowderBrows Behandlung

Refresher for the eyebrows

The best part is that these techniques are particularly good for refreshing, improving, covering or correcting old, faded or unsuccessful permanent make-up.

Schöne Augenbrauen nach einer PowderBrows Behandlung

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